A fashion story called “Safer baby”…


The beginning

It was founded with dedication in Cento (FE) by Sara and Guido Ferioli. They created, thanks also to the help of their sons and daugthers Margherita, Maurizio, Marco, Massimo and Monica, a commercial reality, which is now one of the most important as regards clothing for babies and children.

The target

It is active on the market since 40 years and the accurate creation of clothes for children remains its target.

The present

Today, it represents the most fashionable brand as regards clothing for babies and children. It is entirely made in Italy, but it is, also, known and sold all over the world in the most prestigious department store of London, New York, Sidney, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait City , Abu Dhabi, Moscow and in the exclusive shops of Milan, Zurich and Rome.

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We are an exclusive reality, entirely made in Italy

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